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Elevate your game with the Only Sports Adult Shin Pads, meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled protection and comfort on the soccer, football, or futsal. These shin pads offer a winning combination of durability and lightweight construction.

  • Secure Strap Enclosure: Equipped with strap enclosures that offer a comfortable and adjustable fit, empowering players to personalise their comfort and stability levels.
  • Hard Front Plate: Incorporates a protective hard front plate to shield against impact during tackles, blocks, and collisions, minimising the risk of injury during intense gameplay.
  • Optimal Height: These shin pads provide ample coverage and protection for the lower leg, standing 24cm at the centre, ensuring maximum defence against impacts and abrasions.

Gear up for success on the field with the Only Sports Adult Shin Pads, your trusted companion for unparalleled protection and performance.

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