Official Safety Vest - Orange

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Discover the Only Sport Official Safety Vest in vibrant orange – an indispensable addition to your club's safety gear arsenal. Designed for both visibility and customisation, this vest features the Only Sport logo on the right-hand chest, leaving space on the left-hand chest for your club logo.

  • Club Essential: A must-have for every club, this safety vest ensures optimal visibility and protection for players, coaches, and officials during training sessions and matches.
  • Customisable Design: With the Only Sport logo positioned on the right-hand chest, there's ample space on the left-hand chest to showcase your club logo, enabling personalised branding and easy identification.
  • Official Branding: The inclusion of the word "Official" prominently displayed on the back of the vest signifies its authorised use by club officials, enhancing credibility and professionalism on the field.

Elevate your club's safety standards with the Only Sport Official Safety Vest – the trusted choice for visibility, customisation, and professionalism.

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